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The FUNKtion Dance Complex offers classes that teach students a plethora of styles. We specialize in: Urban which include: Popping, Breaking, Locking, House, Waacking, Vogue, Hip Hop (90s social/party dances), Street Jazz (choreography classes), K-pop, and Industry Heels. We also offer traditional styles such as Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet, Tap, and Kids Acro, as well as Yoga classes, and are adding more classes as the demand increases.

Our outlook is similar to that of college; if you pay good money for a college education, by the end of your senior year you should have been taught the knowledge you need in order to get a job. Our mentality is of a similar line of thought. If you are paying for a dance education then you should be given the tools that are required to make it in the dance world IF you would like to explore that option.



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  • Omg.Omg. Beyond inspired..One of the best pieces of Choreo & Dancers in in my experience @ the Pulse by the FUNKtion Dance Complex

    Tyce Diorio
  • WOOOOW! WOW!! Really nice, really refreshing to see something that technical, that different when everybody is all about the pocket and groove.

    Tabitha D'umo