“Luck is when preparation meets opportunity”. You’ve heard this quote before, right?

Are you preparing your child? Are they being trained by uneducated, inexperienced instructors? Or have you sought out qualified knowledgeable people with industry experience? At FUNKtion Dance you will be exposed to teachers who are relevant, are currently working in the industry, and who continue to train, giving dancers the advantage they need to have the knowledge and skill set for a positive dance experience.

Has your child ever dreamed about a career in dance or want to prepare for dance programs in school or college? Is is hard finding a place to guide you towards those goals? Do you want more than just dance competitions, and recitals. Are you looking for more to prepare your child for the next level?

Many people think that dance is just dance; it’s all the same. In fact, its more than that. There are dancers and then there are FUNKtion dancers. And once you see one of our classes, you will see the difference. You will understand that if you want to give your child the best “luck” and all around dance education, you will want to prepare them with one of our programs at FUNKtion Dance. Whether it be Hip Hop, Contemporary or Ballet, there are several programs to give you that performance edge.

Our students have a high turn around rate of breaking into the industry, as well as opportunities to be signed with top NY agents. Were they lucky? Or just better prepared than other participants in traditional dance programs? We here at FUNKtion Dance Complex believe that if you invest the time, money and energy, that you should be prepared to use that investment well beyond the time spent in the classroom. Whatever your dancing needs are, from recreational to professional,  the FUNKtion staff will help guide you towards your own personal growth. We prepare students to have the confidence, knowledge and skills to be artists, not just dancers. They build the skills needed for opportunities in dance such as teaching, choreographing or building a career on the stage.

We look forward to hearing from you and would love to add you to our FUNKtion family. Call or stop by anytime to find the right classes or help build a program suited for your needs.